Reservar Cita

Reservar Cita

Post-treatment care, hygiene and check-ups are essential for long-term success, the following recommendations should be followed if they have undergone a conventional implant treatment:

  • Apply ice to the area, at intervals of 10-15 minutes during the first 6-8 hours.
  • Do not make intense physical effort during the first 4 days after the intervention.
  • Do not eat hot food or beverages, drink (not carbonated) drinks and cold or warm soft foods during the first week.
  • Begin brushing in the operated area 24 hours after the intervention with a soft brush.
  • Use a spray containing Chlorhexidine and apply it to the intervened area twice a day for the first 10 days.
  • Rinse with water and salt at least 2 times a day.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages for at least seven days after the intervention.
  • Keep your head slightly elevated when sleeping to decrease inflammation.

In case of discomfort and inflammation:

  • It is natural to notice some pain after any type of surgery; In some cases, a certain inflammation of the affected area may also appear, which will normally be stronger in the first 48 hours after surgery, disappearing in about 4 days. If medication has been prescribed, take it according to your doctor’s instructions.

In case of bleeding:

  • After surgery, slight bleeding may persist from the intervened area; To make it go away, avoid rinsing and spitting as this may break the clot and the bleeding will continue. If within 1 hour, compressing the area with gauze, the bleeding continues, call the consultation.