Reservar Cita

Reservar Cita

Higiene dental con Ortodoncia


  • During the treatment we must avoid eating hard foods.
  • Avoid biting or chewing lollipops, candies, gum … as well as biting hard objects such as pencils, nail biting, etc.
  • You can eat fruits (apples, pears, etc.), as long as they are chopped. Do not bite directly into them. Be careful with cherries and olives, as the hard seed can cause the braces to detach.
    These recommendations will prevent the loss of brackets and accessories. The detachment of any of them can delay or lengthen the treatment, as well as generate extra costs.

Hygiene with Orthodontics:

During the treatment we must remember that the use of apparatus, devices and brackets are retentive, which means it will accumulate more food, and consequently it will create a greater predisposition to the formation of cavities and gum diseases.

  • Oral hygiene should be done after each meal and for a minimum of 2 minutes. We recommend using a clock to control the time at rst, this will help
    us to create a good habit.
  • Using our brush after applying toothpaste, we must place it perpendicular to the surface of the tooth and make a rotary movement (making small circles). We will have to incline the brush to clean all the surfaces of the tooth. It is very important to clean very well between the bracket and the gum, since a large amount of food accumulates in this area.
  • The use of special orthodontic brushes or an electric toothbrush can be benecial, but a properly used conventional toothbrush is sucient for proper hygiene.
  • Hygiene should be complemented with the use of other accessories that will help us clean the areas between the arch and the tooth where the brush cannot access.
    Therefore the use  of interproximal brushes are very useful.
  • The use of mouthwash is essential during the treatment, as it will enhance the brushing action. The correct way is to rinse or “swish” undiluted for 30 seconds, 2 times a day.
  • Another utensil that could be of help is the “IRRIGATOR”, which uses water pressure to clean these areas of dicult access (contact us).

Problems during treatment:

  • Wounds: Ulcers generally occur at the beginning of treatment, due to the friction of the braces with the internal tissues of the mouth (tongue, lips and cheeks). These will disappear spontaneously in about 3 days.
    Pieces of orthodontic wax can be placed on the bracket or device that created the wound.


  • Pain after revisions/activations.– It is normal that during the rst hours or days after the control visit there may be slight pain, due to the recent force vector of the brackets. For this, the doctor will carry out the respective evaluation. The pain or discomfort will usually disappear in the rst hours, if it is not tolerable, you can take a pain killer/ anti-inammatory.
  • If any bracket, band, “tube” or device comes o after you have bitten into something hard, you should call as soon as possible to make an appointment to replace them; failure to do so could delay treatment. Do not forget to bring the bracket or device to the consultation if possible.
  • In the event that the main wire or arch comes out of position, cover it with wax or cotton wool and make an appointment. Do not try to cut it yourself as you could detach a bracket, as well as damage oral tissues.
  • Color change of the brackets.– Transparent brackets or ceramic brackets do not change color, but the garters that hold the main arch brackets do, and it can happen due to the consumption of highly seasoned foods, coee, tobacco, etc.

Stripping or interproximal reduction of enamel:

  • If the case requires it, an interproximal enamel reduction procedure may be necessary. It is a technique in which the tooth width is minimally reduced in one or more areas of the mouth in order to gain space or achieve a correct tooth mesh. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is only applied to the most supercial layer of the teeth, producing an increase in sensitivity or the tendency to cavities.
  • When performing the Stripping procedure, you should increase the degree of hygiene in these areas since the food that is packed between the teeth can prevent the closure of these spaces. Consult your Doctor if you have any questions.