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Reservar Cita

What can I notice after having a root canal treatment?

During the first hours, you will notice the sensations produced by the anesthesia in the treated area, you will notice a certain tingling in the lips, teeth and tongue, which will disappear after some time (at least 3 hours), during which, you should avoid chewing with in the area to avoid biting your tongue or cheek
Once the eect of the anesthetic has passed, you may feel more intense pain while chewing, this discomfort may last several days, your dentist will prescribe the required medication in your case. The pain you may be experiencing is not necessarily from the current treatment, rather from the previous untreated situation (pain, infection …) 

What care should I take?

Normally, your endodontist, at the end of the treatment, will place a provisional lling in the area of access to the canals, this lling will often wear out over the days, without it being necessary to replace the lling.
Avoid eating on that side and brush normally.
Once the nal reconstruction is done, that tooth will not require any special care.

What do I do if it hurts?

If you have been prescribed medication, follow the instructions of your dentist, if they did not prescribe medication or if the pain is only when chewing, you should go to your specialist for an analgesic treatment and if necessary relieve the way you bite with that tooth. These are some of the cases in which a root canal goes wrong complications in endodontics. 

Should I take any long term care?

Once the treatment, reconstruction and healing period is nished, it is not necessary to take any long term or particular care

Alternatives to the procedure:

Tooth extraction.