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Advanced implantology without surgery

Advanced implantology without surgery

Success in dental implant treatment is based on correct planning, excellence in bone regeneration and the use of the best materials.


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Quality materials are within the reach of many dental clinics, but this is not always the case with the other 2 requirements. Adequate PLANNING, in which all possible alternatives are taken into account, is only achieved with experience and by studying each patient in a personalized way to obtain the best results. Excellence in BONE REGENERATION is essential, to ensure a painless and effective process. To achieve this, 25 years of experience with more than 20,000 implants placed and the specialization that we offer allow us to offer the placement of implants WITHOUT SURGERY (NON-INVASIVE IMPLANTOLOGY) to our patients, that is, without incision, detachment of mucosa, sutures, etc., which results in a pain-free postoperative period that eliminates the need to take anti-inflammatories. Currently, more than 90% of the implants in our clinics are placed without surgery.

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Implantology in easy or common cases can be performed by many, but it is in complex cases where the difference is made. Our team, led by Dr. Martínez Navarro, provide solutions for complex cases or especially difficult due to lack of bone or other limitations. For this we are at the forefront in Zygomatic Implants, Bone Grafts, Maxillary Sinus Elevation, etc. In addition, we are one of the few centers in Andalusia where they incorporate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in cases of bone fillers or grafts, thus improving bone healing performance and therefore in the result.
Just as important as having surgery is being able to resolve any complications that may arise, and that is not within the reach of many. For our patients it supposes great tranquility and CONFIDENCE, knowing that, in any eventuality, we will provide a solution without referrals to other specialists, because we are the specialists.

Non-invasive implantology

is the placement of implants without surgery and without sutures, thus providing a painless postoperative period without inflammation or bruising. This is even more important when it comes to special patients, patients with clotting problems, or older people.

Ssinus lift

Is a technique that is used when there is little bone tissue in the upper molar areas. We fill with bone with a small incision to ensure the placement of implants without damaging the mucosa of the maxillary sinus and to avoid sinusitis. Furthermore, we place the implants during the same filling surgery, reducing the healing time to only 4 months.

Corticotomy and bone crest expansion

Surgical technique used in cases of thin or thinned ridge in which we want to avoid bone grafts. It consists of widening said ridge by means of small cuts in the ridge and using expanders, thus achieving implant placement with little surgery in cases where bone grafts would normally be required.

Bone regeneration

Surgical techniques for advanced implant surgery include distraction osteogenesis, bone dilation of the alveolar ridge, repositioning of the mental nerve, lifting of the maxillary sinus mucosa, guided bone regeneration, and bone grafting. The loss of teeth due to trauma or exodontia causes a process of alveolar remodelling that is increased with the help of removable prostheses.

Over the years, different surgical techniques have been developed to restore the required bone amount, three-dimensionally reconstructing the alveolar ridge thanks to grafts fixed to the maxillary bone, such as, for example, onlay/inlay grafts.

Onlay graft

is a surgical technique based on obtaining an extraoral or intraoral graft, or on the use of biomaterials for subsequent placement thanks to osteosynthesis screws in the area of atrophy. The main advantage of this technique is that it allows the correction of defects in both width and height, for subsequent rehabilitation with dental implants.

Inlay graft

The inlay technique – also called the “sandwich” technique. The biomaterial or autologous bone is positioned between two pedicles of the patient’s own bone, the filling in the maxillary sinus lifting is considered inlay.


Autologous graft

These are called ‘autografts’: those removed from a donor area of ​​the patient. They allow live cell transplants, prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and there is no immune rejection, since the grafted material comes from the individual themselves. These characteristics make this type of graft the gold standard treatment for bone reconstruction of the oral cavity.

Heterologous grafts or xenografts

They are the grafts between individuals of different species, in which their materials are derived from three different species: algae, animals and coral. They are considered risk-free and are easy to obtain. The most representative type is chemically treated deproteinized bovine bone.

Soft tissue grafts in the gum

Mucosa or submucosa grafts from the patient himself when a high aesthetic standard is required and there is a volume deficit in the gum, thus achieving improved aesthetics with fixed teeth in compromised areas as a result.

Zygomatic implants

We are among the first clinics in Malaga and Andalusia to place zygomatic implants and one of the very few that perform surgery in our clinics, without the need for a hospital, operating room, etc., thus achieving a quick recovery and lower economic costs. These are special implants that are anchored to the zygoma or malar bone and allow for a fixed prosthesis in those patients who are hopeless due to the absence of maxillary bone in which only very large grafts and hours of surgery in the operating room could solve. It is the “last cartridge” in our arsenal in cases of patients with maxillary bone atrophy and therefore it is a very specialized surgery that should only be used in correctly indicated cases, and not as the first choice when there are easier or more conservative solutions.

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